Explain the Process of TV mounting

TV mounting can be a daunting task, but you’ve come to the right place.

  • The first step is to find a wall that can support the TV. Check studs and make sure the wall is firm and sturdy.
  • Ensure that you have all the tools needed for the job.
  • Take your TV out of the box and lay it on a soft surface such as a rug or carpet.
  • Screw in the bolts from your mounting kit into the back of your TV.
  • Mount your bracket onto the wall in the desired position, taking care to align it with studs if possible.
  • Again, lay your TV on its front and attach it to the bracket so that it’s secure.
  • Finally, connect any cables or wires to the TV and then plug it into power on!

1) TV Installations that last

When we do TV installations, the first thing we do is find the perfect spot for your TV. That way, when we’re ready to mount it and set up the wiring, you know exactly where you want your TV to be.

Next, we’ll make sure that your wall can support the weight of a heavy television. If not, we’ll fix it! Our technicians are well-trained and experienced in a variety of different wall types and materials.

Finally, we’ll take care of all the wiring for you. This means neatly running cables through walls and making sure that everything is connected correctly.

2) Get a Professional TV Installer

You’ve come to the right place. We are experts in TV installation, and we’ll help you upgrade your living room with the perfect size and model of TV to fit your space and needs. We also offer competitive prices, so you know you’re getting a great deal when you work with us. Here are just a few of the many services we provide:

  • Mounting TVs
  • Setting up LCD TVs
  • Installing projection TVs
  • Connecting Blu-ray players
  • And more!

Our expert technicians are ready to help you get started on your project today. Reach out to us now for a free, no-obligation consultation.

3) Fast & Efficient TV Mounting Services

Have you ever wanted to mount your TV, but didn’t know how or wanted to risk doing it wrong?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Our team of professional technicians specialize in the installation of all types of televisions.

We can get your TV mounted quickly and professionally, so you can enjoy the beautiful picture quality of your new TV with ease.

4) Safe Secure & Stylish Installation

Our team installs a variety of TV mounting products, from the most basic to the most advanced. A safe and secure installation is paramount when it comes to your TV. Our experts ensure that each TV mount is stylish, attractive, and functional – and meets the specific needs of your location. We can guide you to a product that meets those requirements – whether it’s a simple solution or something more advanced.

5) Upgrade your TV Installation to the next level

Your TV mount installation is the first thing seen by your guests when they walk through your front door. This first impression shouldn’t be marred by a cheap, DIY bracket. Instead, let our certified WALLMOUNTING professionals install your wall or ceiling mount for you so that it looks and feels secure. We’ll make sure you’re completely satisfied with the installation.

People ASK

How much does it cost to get a TV mounted?

If you’ve been considering getting your TV mounted then you’re in the right place! You’ll get the best service from our TV mounting team, who will make sure that your installation is completed quickly and professionally.

Can I mount a TV by myself?

It can be done for the most part, but having a professional come out is better. The reason is that it should be properly done each time so you aren’t changing the alignment every little time you move.

Is mounting a TV expensive?

Installing your mounted television can be done with a few simple tools and is much easier than you think. For instance, if you wanted to mount a 42″ LCD TV on the wall in your family room, an L bracket mount with a low profile and durable design would have the TV up on the wall in no time at all.

Do I need an expensive wall mount?

Depending on the size of your television and where you want to mount it, a wall mount could save you the money needed for an expensive installation, while also helping maintain the integrity of your TV.

What size TV should I mount on a wall?

There are many different styles and types of wall mounts, the most common being flat plate, tilting swivel, cantilever, and fixed. The size of the TV should be a primary concern when purchasing a television wall mount. TVs vary in size and so do TV mounts.

How do I mount a TV?

Each frame is different, but most LCD or plasma TVs require at least two studs to be used in their mounting bracket. Use an electric level to ensure that the brackets are level; otherwise, your TV will not hang straight. For most TVs, you will want to purchase a mount that can support at least twice as much weight as your television weighs.

You may also want to consider how many people will be sitting in front of your TV for extended periods. Some mounts can tilt back and forth so that everyone can get a good view from any seat in the room. Be sure you know how much weight your mount can support before deciding on what kind of mount to buy.

Find TV Mounting Professionals Near You

Whether placing a TV in the kitchen, the family room, or the entertainment centre, you will find a solution to fit your needs and screen size with TV Mounting Professionals Near You. A simple search on this website provides you with a list of individuals and companies across the country.

Need help finding a TV Mounting professional?

Need help finding the right TV Mounting professional? We will connect you with local professionals in your area that can mount any size, shape, and location of a television.

What options do we offer with our TV Installations?

We offer any type of TV installation, including a new wall mount setup. If you have a flat-screen TV, we have the mounting brackets and stud finder that you need for an effective installation. We also offer assembly for entertainment centres and media cabinets.

Pick the Right TV Bracket

Picking the proper TV bracket is an important task since one that meets your needs will help avoid damage to your television.

More info on Fixed TV Bracket

Our Fixed TV Bracket is suitable for large TVs and features a strong, secure design. It is ideal for both wall and ceiling mounting.

More info on Tilting TV Bracket

A Tilting TV Bracket is a manual wall mount that allows you to tilt the screen of your television left and right. It is designed to support TVs up to 55 inches, and some models can hold up to 75 kg.

More info on Swivelling TV Bracket

The swivel television bracket allows for stable positioning and lets you adjust the viewing angle. This is essential if you want to watch TV from a comfortable position in your home.

Use our Service – TV Installer near me?

Finding a TV installation professional you can trust can be hard. So we’re making it easy!

We’ll connect you with a qualified installer who can come to your home and help you set up your new TV, so all you have to do is enjoy all of your favourite shows in high-definition.

We’re here to help if you run into any problems with your TV or the installation process. Just reach out to our customer service team, and we’ll be there to help.

Learn about TV mounting above the fireplace

The first thing you have to do when mounting a TV above the fireplace is checked the area around the device. You need to know if there is a stud behind it or not. If there is, then you need to use a stud finder and mark the place where you will mount your TV.

Another important thing to do is to make sure that your TV has enough space. You should start by measuring the height of the fireplace and add 20 centimetres above that.

Then you need to measure from one side of your TV to another and subtract 15 centimetres from each side so that you can hide all wires. Then draw a rectangle on the wall above your fireplace.

After that, take your drill and drill holes into each corner of the rectangle and put anchors in them (if needed).

Finally, take your TV mount, attach it to your TV and hang it on the wall.

Do you install TV aerials?

YES, we install aerials for all kinds of different TVs. You can choose from a variety of different types of aerials based on what will best fit your needs. You can also pick from a range of prices so that we can help you get something that’s affordable and perfect for your budget.

Can I mount my TV on drywall?

Due to the wide variety of television sizes and weights, mounting a TV on drywall is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The first step is to determine the weight of your television; many TVs less than 70 pounds are more easily supported by a single stud. If heavy, you can also use two or three standard studs side by side or in a triangle configuration (not as strong as a single stud!).

How high to mount my TV?

When installing a flat-screen TV, you have to consider several factors. The distance between the TV and your preferred seating area is determined by measuring the distance from the screen to the focal point of your seating area.

Can I mount my TV on the ceiling?

Yes, you may. It’s not recommended that you mount your TV on the ceiling.

If you’d like to take the risk, though, here are a few factors to consider:

  • What kind of ceiling do you have? Is it strong enough to hold your TV securely?
  • How can you run the cables through the ceiling and down into the wall?
  • Will mounting your TV on the ceiling provide you with an optimal viewing experience?

How to set up my TV?

Setting Up Your TV

Welcome, and congratulations on your purchase of a new television. We are confident you will enjoy your viewing experience.

To get started, follow the instructions below

  1. Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, attach the stand to the back of the TV using the included screws.
  2. Place TV on a sturdy, flat surface facing where you will be sitting.
  3. Connect cables to ports: HDMI cables go into HDMI ports; component red-white-yellow cables go into component ports, and coaxial cable goes into coaxial port.
  4. Turn on your TV by pressing the large red power button located at the bottom right corner of your remote control. If you do not have a remote, simply press the power button on top of your TV set.

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