Appliance Repairs Johannesburg

Getting your house or business fixed by a trusted Appliance Repairs in Johannesburg!

Appliance Repairs Johannesburg was started by two brother in 1995 who both had a passion for fixing things around the home and as electricians it is no wonder why they have been able to run such a successful company for all these years

It truly takes someone who cares to really fix your appliances once and for all without ripping you off with replacing old worn out parts with second hand parts.

We always Use Brand New Replacement Parts for all our Appliance Repairs.

We are your go to appliance repair service providers who offer a full one year appliance repair guarantee on all our repair services and replacement products, with some coming with a manufacture guarantee.

We provide customers with the following services:

  • Freezer and Refrigerator repairs
  • Microven Repairs
  • Washing Machine Repairs
  • Drying Machine Repairs
  • Stove Repairs
  • Kettle, Toaster and other Small Appliance Repairs

Professional customer care by our trusted appliance repairs specialists today!

At Appliance Repairs Johannesburg our Appliance Repairs offer a lot more than just fixing, we add value by ensuring customers that anything they wish to repair in regards to their home appliances will be, we are an on-demand repair company so first come, first serve.

Our maintenance repair services include:

  • Discounted Repair Services
  • Emergency Geyser Repairs
  • Discounts on Appliance Repair Parts 

At Appliance Repairs Johannesburg our customers get to rest assured that we will repair their types of appliances no matter what kind of brand they may be.

Appliance Repairs Johannesburg is a company that everyone can rely on for dependable appliance repairs with a fast turnaround time.

Call us today and speak to our qualified repair consultants for a free quotation and we will be well on your way to getting your appliances fixed.